Project H.O.O.D. Entrepreneurship Center

Project H.O.O.D. will create a space in Woodlawn for local small business owners, startups, and
entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, collaborate, network and innovate. This space and program
will include:

  • Employment services and mentorship

  • Trainings and Workshops

  • Office and Meeting Space for Rent

Project H.O.O.D.’s goal is to give small businesses and startups from the South Side a place where they can find like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from and share in the growing process.

Employment Services and Mentorship

Project HOOD will provide soft-skill training to everyone from those who are just entering the work-force and need to learn the basics to small business owners who want to refine or refresh
their skills.

  • Financial coaching: The basics of creating and maintaining a personal financial plan includes creating and maintaining a personal budget, growing credit, and mainstream bank literacy

  • Employment services: Resume building, mock interviews, coaching in acceptable workplace behavior

  • Mentorship: in the form of guidance from local business leaders on the skills they look for in employees, how to become effective leaders, and best practices for building businesses

Training and Workshops

Project HOOD will provide technical training and workshops on financial and digital literacy. There will be a range of workshops for beginners to more advanced training. The goal is to help participants become more comfortable with computing skills they will need in their personal life as well as they grow their careers.

  • Digital literacy: A range of basic to advanced trainings on all Microsoft

  • programs, internet literacy, and overall computer skills

  • Financial literacy: Workshops on investing, insurance, real estate, budgeting,

  • retirement, and tax planning

Office and Meeting Space for Rent

Project HOOD will provide co-working space on the South Side dedicated to early-stage business startups and entrepreneurs. The following memberships are offered at 3-month or 12-month plans.

Tier 1/Drop-In: $25/month

  • Access to free wifi and printing

  • Access to the lounge area

  • Access to available open desks, conference room, or meeting space

  • Access to 2 hours of free conference room usage per month

  • And more!

Tier 2/Permanent Desk $150/month

  • Access to one (1) dedicated personal desk

  • Access to the lounge area

  • Access to free wifi and printing

  • Access to 4 hours of free conference room space

  • And more!

Tier 3/Private Office Space from $250/month

  • Furnished, lockable, soundproof office space

  • 1 person $350/month - 2 people $375/month

  • Access to wifi, printing, and mail handling

  • Access to the lounge space

  • Priority access to 6 hours of free conference room space

  • And more!

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