Cafe and Juice Bar

Project H.O.O.D.’s hospitality program will employ local youth and introduce them to career
options in hospitality. This program will include basic training courses in hospitality, business
development, and executing a business plan. The training and coaching will include:

  • Hospitality Industry Basics

  • Menu Planning

  • Customer Service

  • Food Entrepreneurship

  • Financial and digital literacy trainings specified for the food service

  • industry

  • Marketing

  • Mentorship and workshops from local restaurant owners

In addition to foot traffic and serving the people utilizing the building, the donated Walgreens
building provides a unique opportunity to provide drive-thru service. This busy area at 63rd Street
and South King Drive (including a Green Line stop) does not currently have any drive-thru food
services. The youth employed at the café will be involved in building a business from the ground up
with all the right ingredients for success.

Hospitality and Food Service Inquiry

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