In the news...

In the news...

"The Guardian spent four days following community organizers, including [Corey] Brooks, in the course of making a film on grassroots activism in the city – where the murder rate had been falling steadily until a dramatic spike over the past two years."

Great News for Woodlawn: New Partnership to Create Opportunity

ProjectHOOD is partnering with local organizations and businesses to transform a former Walgreens store into a hub focusing on economic development as an entrepreneur, career, trade and leadership center. Citgo, Manhattan Mechanical Services, the Illinois Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors and Metro Ford have joined on and ProjectHOOD is looking for more partners as the programming is expanded.

Partner Profile: Martin Ozinga, IV

In 1928, eighteen months before the Great Depression, Martin Ozinga, Sr., a Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy, became disenfranchised by the thin lines separating law enforcement and the law breakers and decided to go into business for himself. He and his partner purchased a piece of property and opened up a yard in the same  area of Chicago where he had settled his family, Evergreen Park.

Celebrating the Building of a Brighter Future: Gala 2016

Our Gala Chairman was Michael Paulsen. The Honorary Chairs were Governor Bruce & Diana Rauner. The Honorary Co-Chairs were David Kahnweiler, Vincent Kolber, Ed Miles, Comptroller Leslie & John Munger, Julie and Senator Jim Oberweis, Marty Ozinga, Brian Simmons and the Honorable Joe and Helene Walsh. We are thankful to all that share our passion to help bring change to Chicago’s south side.