Proud to Serve Our Community: Partner With Us, Make a Difference in the Lives of Our Youth

ProjectHOOD’s goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and transformation on the south side of Chicago, specifically the Woodlawn and Englewood communities.

Our mission is to empower people with the guidance, information and tools necessary to become peacemakers, problem solvers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in their communities. After sleeping on the roof of an abandoned motel for 94 days to bring attention to gun violence on the south side of Chicago, the “Rooftop Pastor” Corey Brooks started ProjectHOOD with the vision of “ending violence and building communities, one neighborhood at a time.”

Why call it ProjectHOOD? “We decided to take two perceived negative words or terms, ‘project’ and ‘hood,’ and turn them into a positive by using them to name our organization. The name heralds the transformation we seek to achieve in peoples’ lives and our community,” said Pastor Corey B. Brooks.

ProjectHOOD’s programming is designed to equip youth, adults and families with the resources, skills, tools and experiences that are needed to be successful, healthy, and upwardly mobile members of society. We seek to empower, not enable. We seek to equip, not excuse. We seek to inform, not ignore.
Our work could not be possible without the help of our donors and supporters. Friends, both individual and corporate, who want a better Chicago, better opportunities for “at-risk” youth and better environments, see our vision and provide us with very needed support.

How can you help? There are many ways to help us with our work!

Please become a partner or refer a partner to ProjectHOOD to sponsor an area of our new entrepreneur and leadership center which will be housed at 6330 S. King Drive in Chicago. We need partners in media, technology, hospitality and skilled trades. Help us with the resources we need to continue our work. We rely on supporters like you to help bring meaningful change to our community.

Lend your advice and stewardship to help break the cycle of poverty and ignite the spirit of self-responsibility and independence.