Construction in Action

Project H.O.O.D. Construction in Action

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An old three-flat that was built in 1895 was bought off-market by Project H.O.O.D. and is being used as a construction training and workforce development tool for community residents.

Twelve young men between the ages of 16 and 21 are doing the renovations under Panda Construction. Panda Construction is ran by Billy Kelly.

Kelly served time in prison and now has a company that is doing millions of dollars in contracts. He is an important lesson for the community Project H.O.O.D. serves. Skills training, an entrepreneurial spirit and working hard can make success, even with challenging backgrounds.


Tuckey, their trainer, said the guys are listening well and making real progress. Hammering them with the importance of safety and safety gear is just as important as the skills training.

Pastor Corey Brooks, Project H.O.O.D.’s executive director said that the community loves the project and the neighbors are excited to make sure the young men have everything they need.

Project H.O.O.D. paying the instructor and the trainees receive a stipend.


Tyriel Nelson, 18, is all set to go to William Woods University in Missouri but is grateful to Project H.O.O.D. for giving him a chance to learn a trade. He said that Tucky explained how a trade gives more options and opportunities for success. “We demolish stuff and put it back together. We are rebuilding the house from the inside out. We’ve taken up a floor, I’ve used a nail gun, a chainsaw, learned how to take measurements. It is hard work but it will be valuable.”

Devontay Sabbs, 19, is from Parkway Gardens and is looking forward to construction as a career path. “I want to get certified. I see myself doing it and learning more and more.” Devontay, who everyone calls Boogie, has friends who are not working this summer. But he does not feel that he is missing out. “This is better than just hanging around. I’m working and productive. We have to be here at 8:00 a.m. and work until five. If you want money, you’ve got to work.”

Corporate Partners


Corporations partnering with Project H.O.O.D. have a direct impact on the senseless violence in Chicago.

They are helping a boots-on-the-ground organization to transform lives and contributing to society as a whole.

Partnering with Project H.O.O.D. is a great opportunity for a corporation to do something influential and hands-on.

For this project, Ozinga provided the workers with hats, Klein Tools provided the tools and MetroFord supplied the boots.

If your company would like to partner with Project H.O.O.D., please contact us today!

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