Partnership with 1871

Project H.O.O.D. is pleased to announce our new Distribution Partnership with 1871, Chicago's center for entrepreneurship and technology. Together, we are bringing exceptional resources to our community!

"1871 Live supports entrepreneurs throughout the City of Chicago to leverage the knowledge, content and resources available at 1871 by sharing them digitally with other parts of the city which are not proximate to 1871’s downtown location through the creation and distribution of a content library. The workshops and special events at 1871 will be streamed/filmed and that more entrepreneurs can benefit from the experts and other resources at 1871." 1871

Entrepreneurs looking for a shared workspace and professional environment should contact Project H.O.O.D . Your business will benefit from the resources of this partnership along with a convenient location at 6330 S. King Drive. Woodlawn is in store for tremendous growth and development and your business will be in the right place at the right time.