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Opportunity at 63rd & King Drive

This building is on the corner of 63rd and King Drive. It is a haven for crime, gangs, and drug dealers. Daily commuters make their way through all of the activity just to take the train to work. Children must pass while going and coming from school. Multiple shootings have occurred near this site. We cannot wait for what may or may not happen with the presidential library.  

The good news is that, with your help, we can make another giant step in changing one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago. This building is for sale and Project H.O.O.D. has put a contract on it. We have 45 days to raise $200,000 to fulfill the contract. Together we can do this and turn this site into a productive business. Please donate to Project H.O.O.D. today and share with your friends and network. Should we fall short of the $200,000, your money will be returned. We can do this. Thank you for your support. Let's change the historic corner of 63rd and King Drive together.

  • We have 45 days to raise $200,000 to purchase this building

  • Please donate and share this message

  • Together we can do this, if we fall short of our goal all money will be returned